Should You Buy A Home Before Amazon Makes A Decision

By Ted Jenkin of Your Smart Money Moves

While Amazon has not yet announced the location of its’ 2nd headquarters, Ted Jenkin of Your Smart Money Moves, poses an interesting questions: Should you buy a home in a favored city prior to the announcement? Of course not, but if you did, he provides us his commentary on which home to purchase and why.




Amazon will soon announce the winner of its HQ2 parade, with one city emerging victorious to get on the back of Jeff Bezos and ride him like Secretariat for the Triple Crown.  There are all sorts of interesting statistics on what an Amazon HQ will do the economy of the city it picks and even recently there were odds thrown out with Boston as the 5/1 to favorite.  If sports betting becomes legal in time in all states, would you take this bet? One financial decision to consider…Read More