Our Mission

Our Mission

We’re a powerful new resource for you, here to make a profound, positive difference in your life. Here are three important things we strive to do.

1. Act as your champion

We endorse no compromises, and offer no stock solutions. We go to bat for your dreams. We’re not satisfied until you’re as close as possible to living them. We’re not interested in what anyone says you should be doing at this stage in your life. Only what you want to be doing. That’s all that matters.

2. Establish genuine emotional honesty

Life is a mixed bag, full of good times and difficult ones. We sit side by side with you and look unflinchingly at the whole picture. Then we make a plan that prepares you for whatever comes. We do it with openness and honesty. Everything’s on the table. Our goal is to build you a plan that leaves you feeling clear and confident.


Family is the center of our lives. That’s the level of commitment and caring we bring to the relationship. This is more than an abstract ideal. It’s real. It’s how we feel about our clients, and how we hope you come to feel about us.

Our history

The Advocates was formed in 2012 by three independent Houston advisors — Paul Palmer, Kurt Box and Cole Campbell. Paul, Kurt and Cole came together with a common philosophy — that people need to live their most deeply held values, and money is merely a means to help them do it.

Paul met Kurt in 2002 through the Houston chapter of the Financial Planning Association. It didn’t take long for the two to discover they shared a common vision. And so they decided to grow an advisory together. During the same period, Cole was building his own successful Houston practice, based on similar ideals.

Cole, Paul and Kurt met while serving on the board of the same non-profit. In 2012, they joined together as The Advocates, a special, compassionate financial advisory dedicated to serving as tireless champions for clients’ dreams and values.

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