On Building Resilience

By Philip Pearlman of Prime Cuts Newsletter

Life is difficult and we all get kicked in the face occasionally. We get injured, we lose loved ones, we suffer illnesses, we overindulge etc.

It’s how we bounce back that matters.

Oxford defines Resilience like this:

The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

I like this simple, clear definition.

Resilience is an underrated superpower and it is something we can develop. 

The effort we bring here can make the difference between a setback staying localized and temporary or spreading and lengthening in duration.

We can build resilience by developing a team of attributes.

The effects of this development are cumulative and interdependent. 

They are cumulative in that the more of these attributes we develop the more resilient we become.

They are interdependent in that the more of these attributes we develop the more we are able to develop others.

So effort here results in a virtuous cycle.

Resilience Attributes

The more of the following list of attributes we add to our lifestyle the more we improve our capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. They can also be preventative which is nice.

Nutrition – Nutrition is foundational. When we eat clean, we give the only body we ever get the nutrients it needs to run efficiently, grow, ward off illness, and recuperate.

Rest and Sleep – When we rest and prioritize sleep…. read more