No, We Don’t Need a Federal Work-From-Home Tax

By Jared Walczak of The Tax Foundation

Multinational banks do clickbait too. That’s my analysis of one of the proposals from a recent Deutsche Bank publication titled What Must We Do to Rebuild?—a proposal sure to work up those who work from home. Because, among other short pieces with titles like “The delivery dilemma” and “The case for post-COVID rural investment,” there’s something way more eye-catching: “A work-from-home tax.”

Publications like these don’t normally attract attention. This is, after all, the nineteenth such collection of short papers in the bank’s “Konzept” research series. But a work-from-home tax proposal is perfectly designed to draw the attention of writers at MarketWatch, Bloomberg, and Yahoo! Finance. And, of course, you’re reading this on our website, so I’m not immune to the pull either…. Read more