Just Ignore Day-to-Day Stock Market Fluctuations

By Carl Richards of The BAM Alliance


Note from The Advocates:

This week’s The Distillery is a relatively “oldie but goodie” from Carl Richards of BAM Alliance. He’s famous for his simplified sketches of Financial Planning and Investing topics, on hors d’oeuvre-sized napkins! As much as we don’t like calling attention to day-to-day market gyrations, we know that it’s hard to go about your day without hearing or seeing something related to this week’s move in the equity markets. We hope this influences your thoughts/feelings of this week’s move in a good way. Enjoy!


No, Really: Just Ignore Day-to-Day Stock Market Fluctuations

Early Friday morning, a friend texted me. Here’s what he said: “Will you come talk to my co-workers?! They are talking about stopping their 401(k) contributions because of what’s going on! Driving me nuts!”

Still not quite awake, I replied, “What?”

Within seconds, he replied, “Stock market fell 500 points this morning, Carl! It’s all the way down to 17,537!”

My first thought: “Wow! The Dow is over 17,000.” And this is where things got a bit exciting for me as a financial professional…Read More