It’s Go Time!

By The Advocates

With three weekends remaining until taxes are due, one of which being a holiday weekend, today’s Distillery groups multiple resources together for you while you consider how, when, where and why you’re going to do your taxes. For the few that have already filed, and trust me, you’re part of the minority according to this IRS chart, you may find these links helpful in thinking through next year’s tax planning topics.


TurboTax has done a wonderful job with their easy-to-use platform and marketing efforts, but it’s not the only tax filing software out there. If you’ve been considering a switch to a more cost effective software, and don’t mind a bit of work with the transition of data, check out Nerd Wallet’s “Best Tax Software 2018.”


Once you’ve filed, there’s always that burning desire to spend your refund on something fun, as if it were a windfall. Don’t forget, your refund is simply earnings you’ve already made, but then loaned the government to ensure you’ve paid enough in taxes throughout the year. Turbo Tax offers a few ways to view and utilize your tax refund.


Lastly, now that your 2017 taxes are nearing completion, estimate how next year’s tax liability will look with the passing of Trump’s “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” A link to The Tax Foundation’s nifty calculator can be found here.