Incremental solutions in pursuit of a clear goal

By Tadas Viskanta of Abnormal Returns

The pandemic was never going to respond to any single solution. The countries that have kept the coronavirus at bay have  implemented a range of solutions, that used concert, have been effective. One of the characteristics of America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been a our focus on one solution at a time. And at its worse, the search for a miracle cure-all.

This inability to consider more than one solution at a time has hampered our efforts to derail the pandemic. As Ed Yong at The Atlantic writes:

But some protection is clearly better than no protection. As Dylan Morris of Princeton writes, “X won’t stop COVID on its own is not an argument against doing X.” Instead, it’s an argument for doing X along with other measures. Seat belts won’t prevent all fatal car crashes, but cars also come with airbags and crumple zones. “When we layer things, we give ourselves more wiggle room,” Dean says.

There is no magic bullet that will miraculously end the pandemic. There are things we can do that can help…. Read More