How to Win Any Argument Over Investments

By By Charlie Bilello of COMPOUND

By changing the start and end date, you can win just about any argument over what’s the best investment.

Even the age-old battle between Gold bugs and stock market bulls?

Yes, even that one. Here’s a guide to winning the argument, first in favor of Gold and then in favor of Stocks…

If you’re a Gold bug, you should only reference two periods to “prove” that Gold is a better investment: 1972-1980 and 2000-2011. What about all the other years? Ignore them.


Your Narrative: “Gold is the best investment in the world, and will continue to be so forever. There is hyperinflation in the U.S. and a secular stagnation in real growth. The only way to protect yourself is with Gold. And by the way: no one should own stocks.”

Your Evidence: point to a chart showing Gold’s 1,256% gain versus 97% for the S&P 500.


Your Narrative: “Stock investors have suffered through two 50% bear markets while Gold has more than quintupled…. read more