How to Build a Montage Career

By Pat Pattison of nextavenue

In 2001, I found myself at a fork in the road. I’d just been fired from my job as head of licensing for a toy company and, after previous work doing marketing in the TV industry, I hadn’t decided which field I wanted to get back into.

So, I visited a studio merchandising associate to see if he could use my help. He wanted me but couldn’t afford the salary I needed. I hit upon the idea of working with his company part-time, allowing me to do my own thing and design my next entrepreneurial business or project with the time I wasn’t on the clock with him. The beginning of my own “montage career” was born.

Planning Out a Montage Career

I only see it in hindsight, but for you, a montage career can be planned and executed in advance. I call it a “montage career” because The Oxford English Dictionary defines montage as “the process or technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to create a continuous whole.”

Having found themselves laid off during the pandemic and struggling to find anything close to full-time employment, many people have learned they could haveĀ part-time jobsĀ and create multiple streams of income to supplement those jobs (the “montage”). At a certain point in life….. read more