Heads I Win

By Drew Dickson of Albert Bridge Capital

A few months back I had a big battle with one of my oldest, most sensible friends.  We, along with another sharp buddy, went to graduate school together.  Along with an MIT guy (smarter than all three of us) we all started working at the same firm in 1999, me in our London office, and the others in Boston.  All but one have since changed firms, but we’ve done a pretty good job staying in touch.

Periodically, we all try to meet somewhere that isn’t London or Boston, and spend a few days talking about all sorts of stuff.   A little about life and a lot about companies, markets, and the business.  We always have a great time.  Although on this last trip, I’m not sure the others enjoyed it as much as they usually do.  Because, as I said my buddy and I were battling.  

We battled at breakfast, during the day, at dinner, and into the night.  

What were we battling about?

Coin flipping.  

Not really coin flipping, but essentially coin flipping.  

As we sat at the dinner table our first night there, there was a couple sitting next to us.  They could have been married, or just friends.  I don’t know.  But I asked my buddy this question.

“Imagine that I told you that that couple has two children, and that one of them is a girl.  What are the odds that their other child is also a girl?” Read More