Escape Houston. Yes, please!

By The Advocates

Ah, vacation planning season. That time of year in which we all pause and consider which destination we’ll escape to this Summer as our calendars collectively relax. If you’re anything like us, you’re already coordinating dates, buying travel guides and booking tickets with your family, extended family, or friends. However, if you’ve been given the gift of flexibility in your travel plans (think single, no kids, retired, or lots of vacation days), we think you’ll find the following resource especially useful.


Escape Houston is a blog about airfare flash sales and budget travel. Flash sales are short term sales and rarely last for more than 3 days, however, they can be incredibly cheap! For example, a recent post (which has already expired) lists a flight to Venice, Italy for $485 round-trip on American Airlines! The only caveats are that the flights be midweek, between certain dates, and a 7 day minimum stay. But if you’re retired, what’s the difference between a Wednesday and a Saturday? 🙂


Depending on your preferred method of content delivery, you can subscribe here for their email newsletters, or follow them via social media on Facebook, or Twitter. I’ve never personally acted on an offer, but I’ve often dreamed of the day in which I’d be able to. Let us know if you end up booking a featured flight. We’d love to live vicariously through you!