Don’t Judge People Based on Money

By The Evidence Based Investor

We generally don’t like talking about money. But, let’s face of it, most of us spend time wondering how wealthy other people are. We also tend to judge people, including ourselves, according to the purchases we make.

As CARL RICHARDS explains in the second part of this series, there are reasons why we do it. But how wealthy others are and what they choose to spend their money on are none of our business, and we rarely see the full picture anyway.

The key, he says, is to recognise our feelings and learn to talk about money in a more constructive way.

TEBI: Why do you think so people are so interested in how wealthy other people are are?

CR: I’ve been really fascinated lately by these Google searches for people’s net worth. If you type in any semi-famous person’s name, the most common search term is….. Read More