The Biggest Life Event That No One Talks About

This week's The Distillery is another piece in a newer movement towards motivating clients to spend more of their hard earned money before the end of their plan. For those nearing retirement or freshly retired, it's an especially good read. Read More >

Should You Die With Zero?

This week's The Distillery is an interesting perspective to Retirement Planning, or even Life Planning. It's difficult to accumulate wealth over your lifetime, but I think it's even more difficult to spend down the wealth you earn and accumulate over your lifetime. Enjoy. Read More >

Preparing to Send Kids to College

This week's The Distillery is timely in that it's a mere few weeks away from the first day of school. For those sending their kids off to college, the conversations are likely quite different than those reenrolling in elementary school. We've written a piece that we hope helps you talk to your college bound kids prior to their departure from the nest. Read More >

Could Extending Your Vacation Expand Your ROL?

This week's The Distillery asks you to consider extending your next vacation (those in Retirement can obviously do this much easier). Why not? Well of course you'll spend a bit more, but read further to consider the other reasons you may want to extend your next vacation. Read More >

Charts of the Week

This week's The Distillery is a collection of charts by Charlie Bilello that do a great job of putting into picture what we've all been hearing and talking about over the past few months...inflation and housing. Once you read through this week's blog, I'll kindly ask you to clear your memory. Now that everyone knows inflation is upon us, we'll surely be met with something new to talk about in the coming months. Enjoy. Read More >

My favorite visualization of short-term stock market performance

This week's The Distillery adds more context to this year's market returns compared to historical averages, drawdowns and rolling returns. Our CIO, Kurt Box, just put out a quarterly piece highlighting a few more interesting charts that speak to the first half of this year. Keep focused on the long-term and the goals you're investing towards. Read More >

Happier Days Ahead

This week's The Distillery offers a nice reminder that portfolio returns come from both stocks and bonds. The latter, by the way, are currently offering their highest yield we've seen in the past decade! Read More >

Why Everyone Needs an Inheritance Strategy

This week's The Distillery is a an easy read and friendly reminder why an estate plan is so important. A lot of times a well coordinated estate plan is more important for the family members left picking up the pieces than for the current generations financial position. We hope you enjoy the read. Read More >