Even Rock Stars Need Estate Planning

This week's The Distillery touches on a subject often procrastinated, yet oh so important: Estate Planning. Even if your estate isn't overly complex and doesn't need "planning" per se, having an estate plan in place is still one of the best gifts you can give your survivors. Enjoy. Read More >

The 2 Most Powerful Forces in Markets

This week's The Distillery is one of the most succinct and clear messages regarding how momentum and mean reversion work in both markets and portfolios. At The Advocates, our entire Growth strategy is built around these two principles, so it's nice to be able to share an article such as this one that illustrates your likely investment experience over the past few crazy years (is it 2022 yet?) Read More >

Big Market Delusion: Electric Vehicles

This week's The Distillery is a deeper dive into the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. Tesla and many other companies within this industry have taken our breath away with their parabolic stock charts over the last year or two, but it appears that more and more people are starting to question whether or not that rise is sustainable. Read More >

Would Working From Home Improve Your Return On Life?

I think we can all relate to this week's The Distillery. Working from home has been a mixed bag. With the perks of convenience, comfort and freedom come the downside of social disconnect and potential for decreased self care and productivity.  With employers beginning to have serious conversations around the future of their employee's work locations, it's time to ask yourself if working from home truly improves your Return On Life. Read More >

A Once-In-A-Career Occurrence

Investors often make the assumption that Value Stocks are only boring companies that offer predictable future cash flows at a discount. However, as this week's The Distillery points out, at least half of the value stock universe are actually more junk than quality! Read More >

10 Things You’ll Spend Less on in Retirement

We often request budgets from clients while building or updating their plans, but the word budget gets a bad wrap and the task is sometimes delayed because of its' negative connotation. Instead, it may help to think of a budget as more of an exercise in spending awareness. If you have a good idea of what life costs now, then we can build an even more accurate financial plan to ensure you live your vision, accomplish your goals and outlive your money. All that being said, this week's The Distillery overviews budget line items on which you'll likely spend less in Retirement. Now who's excited about updating their budget! Read More >

Think Investing Is a Game? Stop.

This week's The Distillery is a personal perspective from none other than David Booth, Executive Chairman and Founder of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).  In his letter to investors he offers sage wisdom for investing throughout a lifetime, not just this current game-like environment. We hope you enjoy. Read More >

Planning for Entrepreneurship at Any Age

This week's The Distillery is directed towards those of you that have the itch to start your own business. While compelling, especially in the current work-from-home environment, there's certainly more thought required ahead of such a venture. Today we offer up 3 such thoughts to consider. Read More >

You Only Live Once, So Plan Well

The noise out there is getting pretty loud, agreed? This week's The Distillery isn't meant to offer yet another headline around Gamestop, but instead to refocus our thoughts and remind ourselves that wealth creation typically involves a plan in place and a disciplined long term investment strategy. Read More >

Investing in a Bubble

This week's The Distillery is an interesting stroll down memory lane of the years leading up to, through, and beyond the dot-com bubble. Even more interesting than the short-lived 40% annualized returns in the Nasdaq were the famous investment names going on record and stating that the markets were in a bubble and due to correct soon. The one thing they all had in common, it was in fact a bubble, but no one got the timing right! Investing is tough. It's even tougher when your strategy is based on predicting not only what the markets will do, but when. Read More >