Market Behavior and the Weather

This week's The Distillery is a nice and short video clip from Dimensional Fund Advisors reminding us that not everyday in the markets can be sunshine and rainbows. Enjoy! Read More >

Affordable Care?

This week's The Distillery is an interesting case study in pre-retiree health insurance chronicled by a couple who lived through the "affordable" care act evolution over the past 9 years. We all have heard and felt the effect of healthcare inflation over the years, but to see it detailed out like the authors have makes it feel even more surprising. Enjoy! Read More >

Ready to Retire

This week's The Distillery is a nice reminder for those closing in on Retirement to take some time to think about what a normal day in Retirement might look like. There's a lot of options, but as the author suggests, "it's something worth thinking about in advance." Read More >

By the Numbers

This week's The Distillery is a collection of just really interesting / a little scary numbers across markets and the economy, as of the week of February 28th. Remember, money is made by staying disciplined and focusing on the things we can control (allocation, portfolio risk, etc.). All of the numbers listed in this article are interesting, but out of our control.  Enjoy! Read More >

How Do Investors Fail?

This week's The Distillery suggests we should learn more from others' investment mistakes, opposed to the success stories we all like to read and dream about. Enjoy. Read More >

If by Bitcoin

This week's The Distillery is about Bitcoin. "Again?" you might ask. Yes, but this time from Verdad, a writer we like who tends to produce quality research and write in a convictive style based on their recent findings. I found their findings interesting and hope you do as well. Read More >

Are Real Estate Investments Worth the Effort?

This week's The Distillery is a decent piece outlining the different ways one can invest in real estate and whether or not the risk, and additional time/effort (in some cases), is worth the reward. Real Estate has become a hot topic since the post-COVID crash, so it's worth revisiting. Enjoy! Read More >

Are You Investing or Merely Speculating?

This week's The Distillery offers a reminder on how investors are rewarded for holding stocks over the long-term. Even though I know the concepts behind investing (versus speculating), I still feel reassured after reviewing them again in a piece such as this one. Sometimes we forget the market is is just doing it's thing. Read More >