The Best Place to Start

Have you heard of wedding day amnesia? Effectively, your special day is a blur. You don’t really live it while it’s happening, and what memories you can make fade quickly. Unless you have hyperthymesia, this is normal for most of us.

We plan for few things in life like our nuptials. Read More >

Reason for Optimism: Stocks, Inflation & Grandpa

Perhaps its just my group of older folks, but I’ve spent decades listening to their worries over money, the markets, the future in general.

The outlier was Grandpa Loren (great grandpa, to my kids). Oh, he had plenty to say about money, but he did it with a Read More >

The Games We Play with Money

You’re getting older if you remember when Cliff’s Notes were paper pamphlets at the bookstore and not slang for “please summarize this”. Yeah, I remember them. Turns out they’re still around, they’re just online.

Filling in nicely for Cliff today is The Idea Farm, providing a 3-bullet Read More >

Better Never Than Late (Or Wrong)

I often start our firm’s morning check in call from my kitchen or car, and so I don’t always get to see faces, being limited to audio for mobility’s sake.

The upside is they can’t see me either, which is good because occasionally I’m sporting bus Read More >

Your Reason for Living > Money

The bulk of people are done with taxes now and I hope that includes you. I hope you’re done, that you didn’t have to file an extension and, if you owed, it wasn’t egregious. If you’re a CPA or other tax professional, I hope you’re on a beach somewhere, Mai-Tai in hand. 

I’m mostly glad I won’t have to write about taxes Read More >

The Cutting Room Floor

Our published tax talk with @KurtBox, was significantly edited in the interest of brevity. Yes, I considered that brevity.

Still, I can’t resist the temptation to share some nuggets that didn’t make the cut. These points are meant to be endearing, not instructional. If you’re on board with that, read on. If not, see you next week.

The Read More >

The Advisor Cannot Say to the CPA, I Have No Need of Thee

Trying to craft a snazzy intro to another tax piece is…taxing. You’re welcome.

Some of you may not read past this point so here’s the gist: your CPA and your advisor need to talk about your taxes. I’m wiling to give it away upfront because it’s more important than most people think. Read on Read More >

Search Engines Make Bad CPAs

The more I talk to Kurt Box about taxes, the more I understand the importance of collaboration, especially between your tax professional and your financial advisor and, by extension, the value of incorporating financial professionals into your life.

I don’t Read More >


Would you change the past if you could?

Seems risky but, if it were possible, I’ve got a small list of things I’d want to do. I’d stop tragedies where I could, chat with some of my long dead beloveds, and stop myself from making the mistakes for which Read More >