10 truths about the stock market

This week's The Distillery is a wonderfully compiled list of stock market truths by Sam Ro of TKer. As investors, we often have a hard time separating headlines and noise from truth and historical context. Even if you believe yourself to not be a part of that group, you'll enjoy this read. Read More >

A Problem with the Quantified Self

This week's The Distillery is a quick and entertaining piece reminding us that technological advances within the quantified self and wellness app world don't come without their own drawbacks, namely noise. Much like investing, noise most often works against you.   Read More >

Can Your Medicare Choice Affect Your Return on Life?

We're heading into Medicare's annual open enrollment period. Whether you're a new retiree or a current Medicare enrollee who wants to review your coverage, you only have from October 15th through December 7th to buy or change plans. To make sure you're getting the coverage that you need, review this week's The Distillery for four important questions about any plans you're considering.

Read More >

How to Build a Montage Career

This week's The Distillery is an interesting piece highlighting the many options we all have to pursue the work we love while also earning income or enjoying retirement. With so many people seemingly in transition over the last year and a half, it helps to know there are options for what may seem like uncertainty ahead. Enjoy. Read More >

How to Win Any Argument Over Investments

This week's The Distillery is not a time sensitive topic, but more of a reminder that any investment can be sold as a "better" investment than another based on the presentation of the facts. My favorite part of this week's piece is the takeaway though. Enjoy! Read More >

When Getting Married Meets Your Financial Plan

This week's The Distillery reviews the conversations and topics that newly married couples should be having with each other. Admittedly, we think all couples should have these conversations no matter the newness of their relationship. Enjoy! Read More >

Should You Relocate After Becoming an Empty Nester?

This week's The Distillery walks through the scenario that every empty nester considers at some point in their lives, where do I want to be now that the kids are out of the house? While downsizing could provide a nice bump to your portfolio, it doesn't come without costs and headache, especially in today's challenging housing market. Enjoy! Read More >

Seeing Visions

This week's The Distillery is a pleasant read about visualizing your goals. We're taught to visualize our shots on the golf course or an important work presentation, so why not visualize ourselves achieving our most important financial goals? Enjoy. Read More >

Why You Should Never Tell a Dealer You’re Paying Cash

This week's The Distillery is an interesting piece inspired by an advisor response to a client question regarding purchasing a new car. Sometimes there's certain industries that seem like black boxes, so it's always nice to have a glimpse into the actual dealings, especially if it helps your wallet. Read More >

Hanging By A Thread

This week's The Distillery is an interesting piece around history, uncertainty and coincidence. It seems that a lot of the content lately has shifted to COVID reflection. What have we learned and how do we apply it, with a new appreciation for uncertainty, risk and this new post-COVID culture that seems to be taking shape through the eyes of the next generation. Enjoy! Read More >