Big Bucks, and Then…Part 3

By George Kinder

This week’s The Distillery marks the end of our 3 part exercise in discovering what freedom means to you. In Part 1 we asked you to imagine a life in which money was not a concern. In Part 2 you needed to think about how you’d spend your time if your remaining years were limited in number. Lastly, Part 3 asks you to consider what you wish you would have done, with the ultimate intention of bringing those same thoughts into your present life, enacting change today.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this 3 part exercise and have discovered something new about yourself. We applaud your commitment for making it to the end. We also understand how hard it can be to answer these questions, but often times the hardest things to do are the most rewarding.


Kinder quote: “Knowledge begins in the understanding that it is our birthright to be free, that a path to freedom can be found and followed. Otherwise, what is the purpose of mastering money?


Part 3 – Hours to Go


Again you’ve gone to the doctor, but this time you learn you’ll be dead within twenty-four hours. The question isn’t what you would do with the little time you have. Instead, ask yourself, “What feelings am I experiencing? What regrets, what longings, what deep and now-unfulfilled dreams? What do I wish I had completed, been, had, done in this life that is just about to end?” As with the other two parts of the exercise, write answers with the greatest honesty and candor you can summon.