Crash Course

This week’s The Distillery revisits timeless investment axioms, under the pretext of Japan’s most recent 30 year anniversary….of its last market high! Can you imagine if the US experienced something similar over the next 30 years? Although unlikely, it’s still within the realm of possible and worth our consideration. Read More >

Loving Your Widow With Wise Stewardship

This week’s The Distillery was brought to my attention by our CEO and fellow Advisor Cole Campbell. I hadn’t seen an article written quite from this angle before, but I love how it gives advice but at the same time creates a sense of urgency for us plan while we can. In our experience planning is often done after a significant event, opposed to be before it. Have a great rest of your week.



Adam Frinsco, CFP®, CMT

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Long term stock market chart with negative headlines

Trump impeachment trial, coronavirus, earthquakes. Are you stressed yet? Who wants to try and get the snake who started the coronavirus impeached? I bet they’ll find him eventually.


Any given day there’s ample negative headlines to get our hearts fluttering and our emotions in the driver’s seat. In fact, I just did a Google search for “long term stock market chart with negative headlines” as this is one of my favorite graphics and usually works to quell any fears that I’m currently experiencing after losing money (on paper) in my portfolio. I’m not predicting the next direction of the stock market, but accepting that it could go down further. If so, it will not be solely due to the headlines that scare us today, but for a plethora of reasons bigger than us and impossible to fully explain. If the stock market moves sideways for a while before eventually going higher, that’s OK for me as well 😊


I hope you’ll enjoy the graphic and article that I found. It was written by an Australian back in 2018, and coincidentally highlights a few of the same negative events we’re experiencing this year!

Adam Frinsco, CFP®, CMT

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Preparing For Lower Returns

This week’s The Distillery could be viewed as a brief summary of how we at The Advocates view investments. Michael Batnick, of The Irrelevant Investor puts together easy to read data and graphs to help us consider what returns will likely be like in the coming 10 years, especially when considering their current valuations.


Certainly worth a read, especially if you are feeling a bit elated as of late (myself included) due to the growth in your portfolios. To quote Batnick, “We should continue to plan as if our best days are behind us because it’s better to prepare for low returns and be pleasantly surprised than to prepare for high returns and be disappointed.




Adam Frinsco

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It’s 2020 and you’re in the future

Happy New Year and welcome back to work / normal retirement! This week’s The Distillery eases us back into our lives and offers a refreshing and entertaining way to think about the new decade that’s upon us. Now I know that each of you have already listed budgeting, save more, live more, and generally be a better person in 2020 as your resolutions, so we’ll skip those pieces for now and look forward to having those conversations with you in our office this year. Enjoy!


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The Rise and the Fall

This week’s The Distillery is a GIF, so I think most of us will be happy that it requires little reading. As investors we know that each decade’s returns are completely different from the next, but in case that knowledge has ventured towards the backs of our minds lately with the US continuing to outperform, here’s a nice visual reminder of the last 4 decades.

Happy Holidays!

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Nest Egg Breakfast

This week’s The Distillery is for those of you who missed our Nest Egg Breakfast with Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) a few weeks ago. We recorded the event and have posted it here for your listening pleasure.

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What Happens When You Fail at Market Timing

This week’s The Distillery comes from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). If you attended our recent breakfast presentation you know that they trust markets and are not market timers. Enjoy this week’s nice and light piece.

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America’s Decade

This week’s The Distillery matches up quite well with our sentiment regarding investing domestically vs overseas. Historically, investors have been rewarded fairly equally over time for investing in both parts of the world….except for the last decade. Why? Well we don’t know exactly why, and admittedly, the author doesn’t either. This is why markets are so extremely difficult to invest in. You can have seemingly non-rational markets for a decade or longer, to the point in which you finally blurt out, “this time is different!” Of course at that very moment, the markets will have turned the other direction, reversing previous gains dictated largely by the collective emotions of the herd.

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